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Status: Official

I’ve moved all your websites to be powered off the MySQL database version I’ve been working on.

For now the images haven’t been transitioned over, but will be this weekend.

You’ll also notice strange characters and other things in the copy. I’ll tidy this up when I can, but is a holdover of character code changes when migrated from Filemaker to MySQL.

The main FSpace site pages haven’t been migrated yet, but I’ll do that when I’ve fixed up the images. for the articles in MySQL.

I really hope that I can complete all this stuff this weekend and everything will be running smoothly. Adding article services may be some time off.

This will leave me with the most complicated database to transition from Filemaker which is my own portfolio one, and I’m not sure how long that will take. That part will be slated to after the convention. My priority is getting our presentation of Fspace both in terms of websites, product, convention presentation and game being run to the best degree possible.

Thanks again for your patience.

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