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FSpaceRPG, FED RPG and TayanaRPG all use a combination of ten sided and percentile dice, often referred to as d10 and d100 dice.

The skill system relies on d100 percentile dice for any tasks. Character generation relies on a combination of dice, either multiple d10s or multiple d100s. The Combat system uses a d100 percentile dice for activities using skills and multiples of d10s for aspects.

You can either invest in a few d10 and d100 dice, but you don’t have to. A d100 can be rolled using one or two d10s. The first roll can be the number for the 10s digit, while the second roll is the number for the 1s digit. A result of 00 on both rolls being a 100. If you have 2d10s, then you can roll them together, nominating one of them as the tens digit before making the roll.

You can also use a d20 as a d10. Simply ignore any 10s digit on the dice for the likes of 11 through to 19. Treat these as 1 to 9. A roll of 10 or 20 being the same as a 10 on a d10.

Many vendors produce and sell dice of differing types. Also a number of vendors make small applications for computers, PDAs and smartphones that can simulate dice rolling. We’ve made available out own d10 dice roller for Mac OS X Leopard computers.

For more details about how FSpaceRPG and related games use dice in their game mechanics, refer to a rulebook, or get hold of a copy of our Dice and Skill Usage Primer.

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