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I’m back from OZ and have some things to report.

No email feedback has been received from sample packs delivered to date, but some verbal feedback was received, and observational information is important as well.

Napoleons has unfortunately shut down due to a tenancy owner change and tenancy costs for other location being too high. They are now doing web based mailorder only. Very sudden. I’m unsure if any other specialised game stores exist in Brisbane.
Borders do stock some d20 as expected.

Tactics is the only surviving RPG store in Perth. It’s located in the basement of London Court of St George Terrace. It is a well stocked store and has lot’s of stock representing hundreds of gaming books. Great to see.
Talking to staff revealed gaming in WA is still very strong, but it’s all about friend networks not gaming clubs or the likes.
Borders stocked a small selection of d20

Games Paradise on Pitt Street was a 2 level store with a few core d20 items on it’s entry floor along with it’s strong boardgame presence, while other RPGs relegated to it’s second floor out of the way.
Tin Soldier. Located in a nice basement store on York Street. This was the nicest presented game store I found. It’s level of RPG stock was less that Tactics, but still reflected a great selection of current games.
There main comments were that the games market has moved on and that hardback books in full colour have become the normal standard for the industry. They do a lot of web based business.
When discussing my target style of Palladium Games (colour cover and black and white interior - books still found in Tactics), this retailer commented that such quality was behind the times and no longer acceptable as evidenced by their lack of stock.
One Dymocks store stocked some d20 product in a large sci fi/fantasy section as part of the kids and games basement section of their store.

Anyway this is my roundup.

Each major city tends to have 1 major RPG store with well appointed stock. Staying viable is hard given the high cost of retail. Many are targeting web sales. Products are dominated by full colour hardback books. Pricing for typical books is $60-$120. Some smaller products are priced down to about $30. Overall Australia is a bigger market and it’s RPG stores are comparable to those I found in London in 1998.

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