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While in Sydney I purchased 3 CD products of Trolllord d20 ebook products.

They were in sealed card CD packets. However on opening them I noticed they were simple CDRs with inkjet printed labels, as were the outside label on the packet.

What I noticed was the surfaces of the CDRs are scratched showing the packages aren’t protective enough (something to bear in mind with disks in a slip in backs of books.

And none of them remained functional because of those scratches. All products dated from 1999-2001 ie around the time we did our CDs.

We learnt our lessons early about CDRs and packaging, but my idea of reverting back to a slip is obviously not a good idea for the retail space because the handling damages them. Our professionally manufactured 2001 CDs and offset printed inserts in plastic jewel are a step above these attempts by others.

A proper CD or DVD case is a must.

Anyway, it was nice to learn some lessons from looking at the efforts of others.

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