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FSpace Publications is actively investigating its environmental practices and exploring ways to be more sustainable.

Initiatives to date:

  • Hot water supply is generated using a SolarPeak 20 tube evacuated tube solar water heating system. Pump and controller use less than 2 Amps power.
  • Signed up for Bank of New Zealand’s online bank statement scheme, reducing paper usage and carbon footprint in mail delivery. Scheme also involves the planting of a tree for the Motuihe Island Restoration Project.
  • The use of a Solio charger to power the company cellphone.
  • A 10W solar panel and 12V battery for powering laptop as required
  • Our server setup powering this website consumes roughly 40W power.
  • Commitment to sell most products as ebooks, or print on demand at client request.
  • Business uses waste paper sourced from commercial printing operations
  • Business waste is either composted or recycled.
  • Surplus equipment and supplies are either sold to new owners, reused in a different context or recycled.
  • Daily transport is a mix of walking and public transport.
  • Office located in residence of primary developer and shares utilities, furniture and appliances reducing resource usage.
  • Entire combined building power usage is classified as a Low Energy Usage by electricity supplier, Empower
  • Building is fully insulated (walls, ceiling and floor) to a standard above NZ insulation requirements for the region.
  • Main heat source is an energy efficient Mitsubishi heat pump.
We are exploring further options like an entire solar electric powered server and office solution.

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