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The landscape of the north pole of Mars is dominated by features related to the movement of lice lying just under the surface or the more striking laminar surfaces created by the freezing and thawing of ice around the polar ice region.

The first Terran investigations of the northern polar region were done in 2008 by NASA’s Phoenix lander. It landed in an area dominated by chequerboard patterns where complex multi-angled features bordered by narrow troughs which is formed by the thawing and freezing of subsurface ice. The continual cycle of expansion and contraction of ice creates the features in a way similar to those found in the Arctic on Earth.

Rudimentary bacteria was later found in these environments during manned explorations in the mid and late 21st century. The irony was that the Aratani already knew about the geologic and biologic nature of the regimes. Terrans insisted on doing field studies to refine their exploratory techniques and technology.

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