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Status: Official

FSpace still progresses. Aaron is doing fair bit of artwork at the moment. He is now doing about 3 pieces a week. However I gave him a 12 week dead line to do everything for the rulebook. At the present rate that would mean 36 pieces of art. However we have about 50 pieces that need to be done. I’ll also have to drag out the drawing implements and do some myself, but I suspect I’ll be spending most of my time doing editing. Most of the text exists, since it was done for the draft. Only a change in structure needs to be implemented, and I’m still debating over that.

Aaron and I are planning to work on a fantasy clipart CD for release early next year. Basically we take all sorts of fantasy work done by Aaron, since he scribbles this in his spare time. We touch it up, colorise some of it, scan it, burn it and package it for distribution.

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