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As far as doing FSpace stuff. Go for it! I would welcome anything. At the moment we are doing the core work on the Rulebook to get it finished, with it likely by Christmas. At the same time I’m doing a book of guns to keep combative players happy. This book will be A5 rather than the A4 rulebook. The Gun book, presently dubbed ‘FSpace Armory’ will feature one gun per page. It will also explain the general scientific and technical principles behind the various types of weapons. The book will also include alien weapons. This means there will be plenty of selection for PCs, civil, military groups and aliens (both good and bad). Why such a book? Because the largest consumer are combat crazy teenagers (and certain twenties). Also this relieves the Rulebook of page pressure.

We will be doing a Scenario book hot on the heels of the other two books, so the GM has some concrete things for players to do. Also we’ll be publishing ‘Alpha Nine Conspiracy’ a module being put together for February National Science Fiction Convention. Also various sourcebooks on aliens etc will follow along with other adventures.

We also intent to put out stuff on CD as well, which is the best (and cheapest format) for providing heaps of full colour art (painted, rendered etc). From this you can tell there is a lot of scope. Have fun, be creative and I’ll find a slot for it.

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