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I had a talk to Graphic and the Berzerk Bros on Friday. They are happy with the product and they both seemed keen on the idea of a small ‘FSpace on sale here’ sign plus a A4 or Bigger FSpace Poster. They though the preview booklet is enough.

They were also both keen on the idea of being included in a online list of FSpace retails and said it would be ok to link to their web sites. I can’t remember Graphics but the Berzerk Bros web site is www.berzerk.co.nz

Graphic said they would also be interested in a small number of Traveller CDs. They have one customer who is very much into Traveller.

The Berzerk Bros only started promoting FSpace on Friday. They have not had any sales.

Graphic have not had any sales yet but 2 of the CDs have been put on hold for Customers.

They both said that posters was the main reason for a lack of interest. The Berzerk Bros asked if we could get them a poster asap.

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