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One of the things that bothers me about online collaboration tools is the problems and costs of wifi or 3G internet access in NZ.

Most of the work on FSpace these days is done while I’m on a train, which is when I’d have to rely on cellular access to the internet to use services like Docs and go back and forth between materials.

The reliability and cost involved is too much.

As I noticed in the CBD today with my iPhone even getting network access can be problematic. Today things started okay then connectivity completely dropped to zero after a few minutes.

NZ has a long way before I can completely rely on cellular internet access and as a consequence use online collaboration tools.

I know Andrew loves the model Google offer, but usage patterns dictate usefulness.

The question I have to ask of you all, is how would like to work collaboratively on documents for publishing in an ideal world.

Andrew has presented the GoogleDoc model. And Robert presented the Wiki model.

Anyone else care to throw their opinion in the mix?

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