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The Pig is a 25 volumetric tonne, Heavylift Space Tug that is designed for pulling large loads around systems (and through space gates).

The usual role for this vessel is to transport large vessels that haven’t got any power (or haven’t got enough) Usually around space docks and sometimes on rescue and salvage operations. Some vessels are designed to only be towed to locations. Some examples are Mining Habitats and Spaceship repair workshops.

Sometimes large habitats are to be moved in orbit or further and then Pigs can be slaved together.

Another use is to transport resources (Ice, Iron, Rock and Meteorites) to where they are needed. This can be problematic as the drive is only rated for volumes that have a low weight (approximately the mass of water). Metallic meteorites can be a lot denser than water and so can stress drives if not handled gently (keep the acceleration down, a good tug program, as supplied, can work out what is safe for the application).

Only rated at 0.8 Mach at one atmosphere, it is not quick but is quite useful inside atmospheres. There was the time when Gerard Duke made history when he used the ‘Emerald Cyclops’ to clear the long silted up harbour of Brugge in the Belgiums and sold it to interests on the Moon. He used the extended AGrav field of his Pig to slowly (over 2 weeks) lift the silt away from it’s bed while water from the ocean flooded the cavity. He then covered the silt in plastic and strapping over the next 2 weeks to placate environmentalist concerns and took 48 hours to lift the silt to orbit and then on to the Moon.

Gee thrust under load.

External Cargo

% Gee

% efficient

0 tonnes



100 tonnes



1000 tonnes



1 million tonnes



1 billion tonnes



1 trillion tonnes




Case Study :

Gerald Duke ‘Emerald Cyclops’

I have a Pig that has served me well over many years, the ‘Emerald Cyclops’, painted green &emdash; the colour of my childhood home, Ireland.

I am an ex Royal Space Navy transport pilot and I have made a living for myself in the corporate field by towing stuff all over the place but specializing in ‘High Risk’ projects typically in earth orbit and environs.

The area of Earth is very vulnerable to mishaps. The steep gravity well gives earth orbit operations a lot of potential energy and with Earth below there are a lot of targets for that energy. That makes earth orbit operations a high risk and high security place to work. If I bring a 200 tonne ‘brick’ (an object not able to operate under it’s own power) in to near earth orbit, I need to complete masses of paperwork on risk assessments, failure measures and options completed. For a project like the Brugge harbour I took 2 years getting the necessary clearances and 1 year clearing up the lawsuits and counter suits afterwards, just to clear a godamn harbour.

Almost all of my projects in Earth atmosphere have a backup Pig, ‘Delilah’ for failure situations. There is constant sanity and security checks on us Tug pilots, almost no-one who hasn’t been in the military can get anywhere near habitation when pulling a load.

It isn’t a glamorous life and it sometimes gets quite lonely pulling 60+ days by yourself, but you aren’t in this game if that puts you off. The rewards for a job well done are usually quite good, but out of the system you don’t have much security (no-place to mount weapons on a Tug).

I have sometimes taken a girlfriend for short hops, it’s OK if you make sure your life system is tanked up but I wouldn’t rely on it for more than 60 days, they usually get pretty bored before that anyway.

I need a lot of Bot’s for my job, I usually use a combination from my stable.



Bots in Bot-Bay.


Bill Bagger Mining Robots.


AGrav Strap Laying Bots


Big Ernie Construction Robots.


Sprite Sensor Bots.


Little Nell Manipulation Bots.



Pig.xls Specs and Visuals for Pig.

McDougal Space.doc Description of Company and some robots.

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