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This was a very sobering article - it means that to become wealthy from your hobby you will double your chances if you buy a lottery ticket.

I believe wholeheartedly that you must do your hobby for fun, and fun alone, and if by some miracle you hit upon a brilliant idea - and then by yet another miracle you convince somebody (like a publisher) that it is a brilliant idea - and then by yet a third miracle many consumers also think it is a brilliant idea - then you will have done it.

But there you have it - you are only three miracles away from getting your dream - incidently for a person to be made a Saint, they only need to have performed two miracles.

I suggest doing it for the fun of it. If you are having fun - keep going, if not then - do something else.

Incidently - I am not a salesman, but I have distributed copies of FSpace around a group of friends who live all over england. I haven’t had any specific comments back except that ‘all material will have some gem in it’

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