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Snowfall on Mars was officially detected by Terran scientists in 2008 by NASA’s phoenix lander. Manned missions later confirmed it’s existence.

Snow formed typically 4km above the surface in clouds and precipitates from there. Snow, frost and fog phenomena are common in polar latitudes when seasonal temperatures cool. The snow was similar to the ‘diamond dust’ type that falls in the Arctic and Antarctica.

This represents the first solid evidence that MArs had a hydrological cycle where water was evaporated from the ground and precipitated elsewhere.

Some evidence of material in the Martian soil which had been dissolved in water clays and calcium carbonate (limestone) that indicated the presence of liquid water.

With Aratani actions to terraform Mars in some way the hydrological cycle has grown stronger as the atmosphere has thickened. Snow fall has become more common and even a ski resort was established in the northern polar regions. While not the same as on Earth, it has seemed to keep financially afloat more for the novelty factor.

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