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Soft Touch Co-op is very glad to help with the war effort in any way it can.

We feel that the information we propose to disclose is commercially sensitive and extremely valuable. In addition we expect that the product of the project in question may seriously reduce the demand for our products in the Commercial, Military and Civilian fields.

We propose a licensing fee for the information and technologies as below.

Information on the Table.

Scanning technology (for Skills)

Scan Analysis software (for Skills)

Questioning Technology (for Skills)

Raw Data and Analysis from 20 years of Skill Analysis.

Skill information ready for implantation in humans (eg Leadership 200).

Skill information ready for implantation in robots / Computers (i.e. Engineering 100).

Analysis Software to integrate a skill into a human.

Analysis Software to integrate a skill into a robot.

Nano-tech to implant a skill into a Human.

All Assistance Programs Developed.

The remuneration we propose will obviously be based on a number of things, the number of skills inserted, into the number of beings, computers and robots. The level of skill bestowed and also the number of simulated being years.

For a baseline we propose a standard level of skill being Master level, (100 skill points on the FSpace Skill index).

All other skills can be considered as a proportion of the Master level, and multiple skills would be also recognized appropriately (each skill is counted in turn).

Obviously our technologies will seem crude and primitive compared with the output of this project, yet our technologies look like being the bedrock of some important aspects of the project as a whole. We propose that our remuneration should depend also on the proportion that our work or derivative of our work is in the final product (see below for proportion discounts).

Proposed Remuneration.

  1. Soft Touch Co-op has the non-military distribution monopoly on all skills developed or subsets of those skills (excluding psionic application of those skills) (subject to security vetting and veto).
  2. Soft Touch Co-op will have access to the projects derivative technology up to 400 skill, Assist 6 (with no on-sell right).
  3. Soft Touch Co-op gets an entry level 6th order matrix with psionic scanner &emdash; wand based or similar. (initially to be installed in Mex)
  4. Per simulated being year and per being, robot or computer, and per 100 Skill implanted/simulated a base rate of $2500. Please note that the street value is $5000.
    (Volume discounts available after 100,000 master equivalents.)
    Discounts for derivative technology.
    0% Pure Soft Touch Technology
    50% Partially derivative technology, includes cases where a soft touch skill or our data is
    used as a base for a higher level skill.
    75% Non Derivative skill but with our technology or a derivative of our technology.

Derivative will mean that the code or data has aspects of the original code or data inside it or the basic ideas in the code are the same or implied assumptions are the same.

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