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I’ve converted the styles so they now skills in themselves but more like templates or classes. They use existing skill armed, unarmed, tensile, thrown. The only difference now is that the skills are broken into sub skills e.g. tai chi chuan armed combat and tai ch chuan unarmed combat.

This approach allows me to add in styles which don’t use unarmed combat such as kenjutsu which is armed combat only.

To keep in balance for combat and skill usage martial arts sub skills stack. If you have 100 points in unarmed tai chi chuan and 200 points in unarmed Wing Chuan your total unarmed combat skill is 300 points.

The reason for having the sub skills is to keep the styles separate and give flavour. With the current system any one with unarmed combat skills can use any style.

I’ve also added in career templates and martial arts equipment.

The module is now approaching 40 pages.

The question is …. How do you (Martin) feel about the idea of having bonuses or special moves for things like armed, tensile or thrown weapons skills?

E.g. if you are a Senior at kenjutsu you can use a spinning attack to hit more then one target with your katana? Or you get a bonuses to the AM or DP of a specific weapon by using special moves.

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