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The idea of a warp drive, where a ship’s engine can distort time space so it’s possible for a ship within a warp to travel faster than light has been part of Terran popular science since the mid 20th century. The idea that a ship can shrink space in front of it and expand it behind itself to make itself ride a wave of space time at speeds faster than light to outside observers has been a goal of researchers since the 21st century. Many had hoped the discovery and harnessing of dark energy that was present during the early phases of the big bang and helped accelerate the growth of the universe would be the key to unlocking such a stardrive.

Dark energy has links to means of achieving antigravitational forces at a cosmic level. While such forces have been observed at a distance and in some laboratory conditions at microscopic scales it has been very hard to scale up.

However not all was in vain. Such research had spinoffs in leading towards research that led to practical artificial gravity generators, antigravity repulsors, thrusters, anti-matter propulsion, the GM hyperdrive and even the huge stargate mechanisms.

It is generally held that early theories were inaccurate and current developments and those of other races are correct. However some theorists believe otherwise, pointing to certain issues in current physics and some exploits used by the ancient Andorians to create spacefold style teleporters that support the possibility of some kind of warp drive effects. They comment that most races stop with the convenient hyperdrive applications, and continue development along the hyperspace and wormhole avenues that technology offers rather than continue to invest resources in warp field research. On Earth some funding continues to be invested in such research, especially after the Serpenti War to assist in finding new technology solutions that might provide an edge against hostiles.

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