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Robert pointed out we needed to do DD3 quality books to grab attention.

Certainly for the overseas market this sounds reasonable.

Let’s explore the artwork costs. I’ll do production after I get some quotes.

DD3 is distinctive because of it’s full colour artwork throughout every page of the book.

So we need a shit hot cover and illustrations all the way through.

We’ll presume a 250 page book (to make it extensive enough)

We’ll presume 1 premo cover piece and 250 interior colour illustrations.

Cover Piece $1000-$3000
Interior Art 250@ $300-$500

Thus minimal price is about $76,000
The higher cost is about $125,000

Straight away we can see it is NOT viable for us to deliver DD3 quality given our projected marketshare.

Even TSR must be pushing it somewhat.

From this alone it would not be worth pursuing production quotes for a book. We’d be talking over the $200,000 mark for the entire job.

Remember each piece of art needs to be scanned as well, and given the art, we’d be looking at $45 each, plus $40 per 6 images for achiving to CDROM.

Thus another $12,975 is added to the cost. At these kind of prices it almost becomes viable to buy outright a bureau quality A3 scanner.

If the artist paints larger than A3 the costs rise dramatically, since photographic transparencies need to be taken before the scanning process can be done. Probably another $100-$200 per image.

Thus about $25100 - $50200 would be added. Some volume discounts would apply.

So our expenses could arnage from $88,975 to as high as $188,175

Anyone care to lend me $500,000?

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