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For those in our possession, I’ve devised a new card to include. These CDROMs will be free to give away, but have the following info (this being the March one).

FSpaceRPG March 2000 CDROM


This is an ISO 9660 CDROM with Joliet file naming. It is suitable for use with Windows 95 and NT 4 and above. It can be used with DOS, Windows 3 and Macintosh, but it is not guaranteed to perform the same.

Opening CDROM

The autorun on this CDROM has a glitch. You must view ‘My Computer’ and right mouse click on the CD icon, and go open to get at the directory structure of this CDROM.

The autorun is faulty and interfers with normal opening methods. We apologise for this, but it has been something out of the control of the publisher.

Copyright, Non-distribution and Payments

Full rights are reserved on much of the content of this CDROM. None of the content is for distribution, even though you may have received this CDROM free of charge from an authorised distribution agent on behalf of the publisher.

As the CDROM contains a commercial product, if you’ve received this CD free of charge, the commercial FSpaceRPG Rulebook is to be considered under a shareware license with respect to your personal use.

If you like the product and wish to support it, please send $5 NZ to the publisher.


You’ll note the instructions to help get past our glitch with the March CD.

Gary is handing some out this week.

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