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Status: Official

As of today, I’ve rolled out a new look website.

At present it contains only the content we are used to, with most of the glitches we last had. In the next few days I’ll iron out the bugs and previously determined faults. Then we can begin to look at new content.

The site, although it uses frames it more friendly for non-framed broswers, as a complete site map exists on the non-framed index page. Furthermore, once the new server software arrives, we’ll have a search engine added, which will make things easier.

Also a payment gateway has been added for foreign orders of books and CDROMs, and will later be expanded to include merchandise and ebooks.

The site will have it’s navigation adjusted slightly in the future once new content is defined and navigation is determined for said content. I would appreciate any input you might have about the design and the content to be featured.

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