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Status: Official

We’ve identified a lot of issues with Fspace that need addressing.

We also know a market exists, and that it is big enough to make it viable for at least a one off strike.

  1. Tidy up existing publications
  2. Deliver to market all BETA projects
  3. Raise capital, minimum $10,000
  4. Produce about 1-3000 rulebooks, offset printed
  5. Produce revamped CD for inclusion with each rulebook
  6. Produce accessory books in lower numbers
  7. Ship books to US vendor
  8. Get into Amazon
  9. Get in Diamond/Alliance distribution channel
  10. Complete computer Assitance Programs (3D Starmap, Ship builder, World Generator, ChrGen)
If we do not do these activities, FSpaceRPG is a DEAD DUCK.

We have a pile of CDROMs we cannot sell, as people are simply not interested in them.

I would like to know who is interested in helping towards this.

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