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Status: Official

Check out http://fspace.dyndns.org - it’s my G3 having fun.

I’ve only got it on for a few hours today, but this is what will be running for about 12 hours per day in a week or so.

It’s only driven by Personal Websharing.

It will also have a mailing list running off it using Claris Emailer.

I’ll be putting on a page which lists my IP number for connecting via the chooser.

However I need to explore getting it functioning as an FTP server, maybe an internet based print server, and having web pages driven from a dynamic database such as Filemaker.

Your advice and assistance in this project would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll also consider Hotline if we can somehow fix the Applescript security hole.

The space used by all the sites at the moment is 55MB. I’m presently running it on my 2GB SCSI drive, which I’ll use totally down the line as I roll out more stuff to serve up.

My other concern is getting my modem running at connection speeds better than 28.8k

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