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Status: Official

To make Condor worthwhile for ‘us’ as a vendor I intend to offer the following for sale

  • FSpace and Tayana Products
  • Professional service contacts (ie use it as a marketing opportunity)
  • Sale of Trav products I have - book, HIWG CDROM, TMS CDROM
  • Other bits I’ll import for sale
Also some of you may want to use the paid stall for a selling opportunity - ie Rick’s sale of second hand Traveller material in his collection (most of which is collectable).

Anything else you can think of will help. I may partner with another business in using our vendor slot. The more the merrier for goods for sale, it makes us look like we have a range of products, and helps attract people to look at FSpace.

Remember I only need to sell 5 CDROMs in a day to cover my costs. The rest is revenue. Please respond with your ideas.

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