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I’ve decided not to go with the Ad. The cost versus the return isn’t enough to justify it.vAs for doing things at Condor, I feel my instinct earlier on in getting other people to run things was a good one. If they aren’t fired up enough to take the limelight while I’m offering it, then I think FSpace is very rocky.

I need to focus now on publishing material, not trying to cope with arranging games and cons etc. I really want someone else to do it. I can’t be everything to this game. I really don’t want to overcommit and under achieve, or achieve but give poor quality.

Our 1999 CDROM is poor quality, and I’m getting more ashamed of it as time passes.

I need time to work on things. As it stands apart from makiing the covers I’ve been unable to do any work on the March CD. Pressures from everywhere are forcing me to meet other commitments.

For a panel discussion I think 3 members of the dev team should head the panel. As it stands I don’t think I can take the pressure, nor do I want to wrangle with others developers to get them on the panel, or help with the con etc.

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