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One way to balance the list of moves might be to provide a basic list of moves for each family of martial arts, and supplement them with the 5 or 6 specific moves for each martial art. The basic moves might be taken from the 21 unarmed combat moves.

From my limited experience the families might be:
Judo, Tai chi, Sumo etc
Throws, Locks, Holds, Unbalancing Moves, some direct attacks
Karate, Kick boxing, TKD, Kendo etc
Punches, Kicks, Strikes, some Throws
Ninjitsu, Kung Fu, Jujutsu etc
A Mix of the above, open hand strikes

But I also agree that the specialist moves should have basic, medium and advanced and master difficulties.

I have just read the concise rulebook, and further thoughts.

Evasion should allow the softer, throwing arts as a skill i.e. Judo, Tai Chi, Sumo, Ninjitsu.

The Hard, bruising martial arts could have an armor value (one point for a Moderate skill test, 2 for a VHard test) or Extra life of 1/4 Skill.

The throwing/redirecting of an opponents attack should be allowed, a throw or hold is rarely instigated by the attacker, it is usually a defense against a move.

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