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Well, as some of you may not know the March Supplementary CDROM is here.

For a limited time it’s going for $10 direct from us, or $15 for shipment anywhere in New Zealand or Australia. Or $20NZ for anywhere else in the world.

In September/October the FSpace CDROM 2.0 will be coming out featuring a whole ‘swag’ of new goodies, greatly expanding on what we’ve presented so far.

In the meantime we’ll be delivering a considerable expansion of material on the web for FSpace. Already Stephen has released some great stuff on his new site at actrix - follow the quick links section on the .com site.

Early next year we intend to release the Millenium Edition CDROM, and shortly thereafter the new Rulebook in hardcopy.

Beginning in the second half of 2001 we will be releasing materials that advance the dateline on from the early 2177 timeline presented in Net Rules.

In the meantime we’ll be launching lot’s of material, scenarios included, that detail up till that dateline.

And of course you’re all welcome to develop your own material, and we’ll even help you publish it on the web, and even release it on our CDROMs if you want it to get it to the maximum audience possible.

Have fun, and take a look at our sites in about fortnight for exciting new material.

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