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Status: Official

After cutting a copy of the CDROM as it stands I’ve been able to review it and make a list of fixs.

Autorun - Doesn’t work. Needs to launch INDEX.HTM
Autorun Icon - works, but could be the diskicon file instead
Section Titles - some are wrong, need to be fixed
PDF.GIF - works under Joliet file system, but busted on Macs (and probably Windows 3.11). Needs fixing
HTML files with TXT extenders - Need to get extenders compliant with DOS or else PCs treat files badly
Font Title sizes - may need to play with these and make a little more tasteful.

Apart from that ‘thunderbirds are go’

Most of the problem we have had with previous versions do not exist. Furthermore the standard is quite high compared with previous efforts.

People are welcome to borrow the demo copy CD and give it a whirl.

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