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Status: Official

  • Physical books is where the major sales still are
  • Ebooks are slow sellers
  • We still have only delivered a fraction of FSpace
  • Remaining materials not suitable for commercial products
  • Insufficient funding for physical books
  • Dev team good at idea bits
  • Sustained effort not even good enough for 1 book per year
  • Bits releases not good enough for paying customers
  • Call within the ranks to opensource/public domain material
  • New developments down to 2 people
  • Key develoeprs no longer have time
  • Key success around Martin GMing spurring input
  • Martin unable to spend time GMing any longer
  • Martin forced to choose between GMing and working on FSpace development with his limited time
  • Some developers calling for a return on their investment now
  • Martin has to borrow to fund final development for new products or product production
  • Prohibitive costs of polished product and production in CDROM format
  • Barrier to foreign markets yet to be scope - seen as higher than NZ market
  • FSpace has a high dollar figure of expenses already
  • High standard in the public domain already for other games
  • Standards in public domain continue to increase
  • Commercial RPGs becoming less viable and less popular
  • FSpace has a limited window of opportunity for commercial viability

Anyone wish to add to the list?

Is this all sort of leading somewhere.

Draw your own conclusiuons from all this.

Open your minds and smell the roses.

I’ve pressured people about things for years, and in the end we can’t deliver.

so now the con job begins to get rid of our Armageddon stock and recoup some of the costs.

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