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Status: Official

1. CDROM Autorun - tested ahead of schedule - Still does not work

2. My trip to Gary’s this weekend looks like it’s off, as well as an invite to a friend’s birthday bash. Lot’s of hard work to do.

3. CDROM HTML navigation. Is all fine in the presentation I wished to achieve.

4. Batch PDF processing. Acrobat 4 was good enough to allow batch processing the security onto the PDFs, cutting a lot of time down on that task.

5. We are offering our retailers a price cut from $20 to $5 per CDROM, so we can clear out old stock. Hopefully Stephen can make inform them prior to xmas, and that they pass this on as a discount to consumers. We have plenty of CDROMs ourselves. I may offer a free upgrade to the v4 rulebook online for CDs we sell direct. Would that help sell them in your opinion? Or should we table the idea and use them for giveaways?

6. Hyperbooks has been offered our free upgrade to the version 4 rulebook for anyone buying the 3.1 rulebook before the 4.0 rulebook is released.

7. Before xmas I hope to be able to deliver to Hyperbooks the version 4 rulebook, Stephen’s Turram scenario and the new Equipment Guide.

8. Our own ebook ecommerce engine.
Plans are underway to implement this, with a better Intellectual Property protection model than that supplied by Hyperbooks. Look for the launch of this following the new site design launch.

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