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I’m looking at getting the FSpaceRPG 4.1 rulebook offset printed. This is professional production that all vendors want. Combining this with a bundled CDROM would be the best idea.

Some indicative recent quotes are:

500 - $9466 + GST - cost per unit - $18.94
1000 - $11111 +GST - cost per unit - $11.12
3000 - $23391 + GST - cost per unit - $7.80

Obviously these prices exclude a CDROM, which I’ll get quotes on soon. If we ran 500, I wouldn’t get anymore made, preferring to use what we have instead. An improved CD would be good.

We estimated the world makrket at over 3000 as a conservative number.

We need to get some venture capital to cover our production costs for the book, CDROM and shiiping expenses to get the stock to distributors and vendors.

Know anyone?

This is important. I simply cannot borrow this amount of money from a bank. They are risk adverse these days.

Would anyone want to help me put together the business plan and marketing plan for this?

It is the most advanced product we have, and can make a return on our efforts if we give it a chance.

Without going to this level, FSpaceRPG will continue to loose me money, in shipping an inferior quality produced, over priced product to market (namely our wirebound reference manual).

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