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As Robert has so aptly pointed out many a time we need high quality works.

but even more important is substantial works.

The book model still applies.

Stephen is well appraised of what is needed to do a substantial work as he is the only one to be on the verge of finishing a commercial grade book beyond those being assembled by myself.

His smaller works have not in his opinion been up to the grade of being big enough to warrant being commercial.

Although we’ve looked at the bits model, I don’t think this works for a commercial product, unless people are paying some kind of subscription, or an accesssory to a strong range of commercial book products.

FSpace must focus it’s efforts on books.

But alas, our dev team is not up to the task, having proved for a decade that it is unable to muster itself for the sustained effort of even 1 book (namely the rulebook) in a reasaonable time frame.

We were doomed from the beginning.

I just hope Armageddon doesn’t bankrupt me. - Yes I’m getting close to the edge.

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