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After reflecting on all our problems, I’ve looked at many of them as good features in a new business model.

We have a few commercial books, great let’s keep it that way. A few others are on the horizon, and may be ready before Armageddon. Great.

The website is the vehicle which we should be concerntrating on.

We’re great at bits work, and taking someone’s idea and exploring it, even if critical. We need to take things away from our secret places and put it together in the best forum possible - the web. To communicate our game ethos, we need to communicate as much as possible about it.

We are already planning a virtual community. We have plenty of content, so xmas will be a fun time to build this thing.

In the future we will have far less pressure to do books, keeping the core high value items for commercial sale, as the primary revenue stream. But the web focussed model calls for a number of things. First get some banner ads or sponsorships. Get some money in the door to help pay for the site’s operational fees.

Then institute a kind of shareware model. Ask the users to donate funds to further the project. It may not be money, but maybe their service, like some artistic skills etc.

Apart from some squirrel commercial projects, we have the whole game open (although they’ll need to buy the rulebook (at a low but fair price).

Sound good? Think this will solve my ranting? Let me know what you think. Does it make sense to you?Got any suggestions of how we should handle it?

Any ideas on what we should release, and what we should keep to take commercial? What about copyright and/or opensource issues?

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