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Dear Martin,
It’s taken nearly a year, not that I was working on it all that time, but sometimes it is hard to be as dedicated as you.

Anyway, here are the edited files.

They were done using MSword 6 but saved as RTF, the font I used is Palantino, the page width is quite wide, and most bits are covered by a style of some sort.

I want you to look over it very carefully. Assume that these files are now your one and only masters for the sections they cover. Anything in terms of an existing paragraphs which you wish to alter, do so. Any new material which you need to slot in do so, but as you will see from my (******EDITORS NOTES***** which dot the text) it would be a good idea if you added (**** MARTIN NOTES ****) then send it back to me if you wish for a final check and voila, done.

The Grey shaded sections I couldn’t work out so I have left them out. That being the first of the editors notes. You will need to do something about holes in the rules which I just couldn’t sort out.

You probably won’t like some things which I have done, there is alot more text than their was in some places. This is because your initial game assumes too much of the reader. I sppent half my time trying to work out what the hell the rule was, then once I had worked it out I rewrote the section to explain in in really simple terms. You probably won’t like the skills section but all I can say in my defence is i have labeled it as an optional rule, take it or leave it, but you will never convince me that it is a foolish thing to include. because it tightens the rules and doesn’t permit silliness to develop. Yes the games simplicity is removed but then if you were solely going to produce a really simple game then why not just create a campaign background and add only very generic technical details which GM’s can copy from other systems. I recently played a long running sci-fi campaign using a Vampire-Masquerade rules system with Rifts weaponry.

Nevertheless. I look forward to your comments and the next editing installment plus possibly some combat rules.

P.S. Hope the G3 is going fine.

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