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In recognition of the work done by dedicated developers over many years, through active creation of material, and their seeing the project through to it’s embryonic commercial release, I’d like to take the time to present them with something special.

As such I will produce later this year a special edition commerative CDROM to be gifted to the following people for their hard work and perseverance over the years.

  • Stephen Pritchard
  • Robert Bettelheim

For those other long term developers who are no longer participating, or those newer developers who are producing material, a copy of the 1999 CDROM will be forwarded to you shortly.

  • Rick Meadows
  • Michael Kerse
  • Gary Ammundsen
  • Aaron Barlow
  • Andrew Russell
  • Philip Warnes

Thank you all for your hard work over the years.

And many thanks to the multitude of others who’ve been and gone through our group for brief moments and added their unique talents to our venture.

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