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My suggestions for offices for the 2 European cities was due to importance on France and Germany for space ventures with UK. Cracking a UK contract will often require targeting allied companies in other nations. As early hyperdrive technology controlling states having reps in all 3 is critical for getting government clearances. Even basing oneself on Mars o get the tech via corporate connections, still means they won’t have th right to sell such vessels to corporate or civil customers on Earth without government approval. For McD approval from the 3 hyperdrive cabel countries there is required. You’ll need all 3. That means for every deal and permit required to get it done without loosing business means people in all 3 countries hammering deals out. I imagine these continental offices had to be setup once McD got into hyperdrive ship business (along with other government regulated tech) and found it couldn’t secure permits without being in more than one place. Does that make sense?

Cairo was suggested as a good hub for the middle east and African market options. Jakarta was suggested because it’s outside the sphere of the bigger Asian powerhouses. China will be a hard market to crack, while Indonesia will be country trying to avoid the corporate storm being squeezed by the big Asian and Oceanian firms. Indonesia will be open to European interests, and serves as a good hub for business in the region.

The US is a prime market but very tough market for a UK firm. Because the US dominant space industries and their huge use of the corporate sector for it’s colonial development work, it pays to be there, because even a tiny contract with them can result in bigger returns than euro-centric contracts.

You’ll notice the locations nicely space offices around the globe outside Europe, and are all not too far north or south, being close to countries with excellent launch facilities.

I suggest coming up with some notes on the Account Manager at each office.

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