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The website has now surpassed 900 articles.

I’ve been busy loading materials from the digests of the mailing lists.

One of our aims in recent times, such as our con appearance last year was to help inform other gamers about the process of self publishing in terms of what is involved, pitfalls and costs. Our own experience represents a good case study for this.

Some other publishers are selling their experiences in the form of paid ebooks. Our policy to date has been to share appropriate information freely, either in talks such as at conventions, or use our website as a vehicle to communicate this. By finding appropriate material from our own mailing lists, potential publishers can view what cost barriers we had, how we made conventions work (or not), etc.

Privileged information and content with personal criticism is being excluded for obvious reasons.

By undertaking this we are giving back to the community of gamers who we rely on for the development and sale of our products. While I consider the material still copyright (so others can’t bundle it and try and make money from it directly), we are providing free access to it as a good gesture.

I think Andrew and others should agree this is the kind of openminded sharing that a community oriented organisation should be undertaking in the modern era, rather than clutching to information in secrecy.

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