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The UN in the 22nd century inherited administration of the various genius sperm and egg banks around the globe inorder to ensure the purity of the genetic specimens and to ensure unauthorised eugenics and genetic engineering programmes were not initiated using the sperm and egg DNA of Earth’s brightest intellectual elite. Some gene splicing is allowed to remove fatal genetic disorders and repair damaged sequences that occur with long term storage or samples taken from older donors.

Such facilities were originally established to select sperm donors based mainly on achievements and genetic quality rather than based solely on sperm/egg donor appearance, race, and sperm/egg quality. They cater to clients who want to improve the intelligence of their child by selecting a sperm/egg donor of superior intelligence and outstanding achievements. The UN facilities also maintain strict cloning programmes to replicate sperm and eggs for ongoing use.

While monitoring and administering the facilities, the UN also retains the banks as a human genetic heritage project in the form of a secure ark project like it does with food plans and other species should a global disaster befall Earth. The repository in such cases would be used to repopulate the Earth with a genetically viable group representing the genetic ethnic diversity of Earth at it’s best in an effort to give humanity the best chance of survival.

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