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The iphone sounds like a brilliant device for ebooks with it’s large high res screen, raw power and large memory.

However it behaves somewhat different to the likes of Windows Mobile.

Its file system is locked from user access and no means exists out of the box to load PDFs. Nor does a version of Acrobat Reader exist at this time.

Several approaches can be taken to use the device.

The phone has to be jailbroken, and software loaded to allow file system access and the loading of a PDF viewer application, or use of the inbuilt Safari web browser to view loaded PDFs.

This approach involves too much messing around by user, and the normal user won’t go to this extent.

Or another approach has been taken by a publisher in terms of writing a viewer application with the book embedded in the application. So you basically buy the book through the iTunes App store as a standalone application.

These books look like RTF or HTM markups.

This is an easy to follow model, and Apple makes the store as easy to use as our main ebook sales portal.

I’d love to get our content onto the iPhone, and we could certainly create more interactive content as well.

Anyway, that’s my first report on options.

If anyone spies some iPhone Xcode for an RTF or HTM reader/viewer around let me know.

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