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Status: Official

This is a list of titles for FSpaceRPG that we have pre-approved.

The tables below is broken into two sections. One showing works under development where input of components is welcome. And the second is complete works we are looking for.

Just because we have listed a work here, does not mean we will accept any proposal. We are after the best proposal that gets presented to us. We may also hold off initiating the project until an acceptable proposal comes along, even if we have had submissions for it.

Many of our books are compilations of components submitted by various people. Often we will receive material that will build up to warrant the listing of a further publication, or the fulfillment of one of the works we are looking for.

Works Under Development
Required Reading
First Draft Due
Colonial Atlas Concise Rulebook
Vehicle Guide Concise Rulebook
Starship Guide Concise Rulebook, Starships PDF
Robot Guide Concise Rulebook
Equipment Guide 2 Concise Rulebook, Equipment Guide


Pre-approved Titles
Required Reading
First Draft Due
Serpenti War Scenarios Concise Rulebook
F-Files Scenarios Concise Rulebook, F-Files PDF
Terran Military Forces Concise Rulebook
Aronhi Military Guide Concise Rulebook
Stotatl Handbook Concise Rulebook


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