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I’ve released another product, this time containing the original articles that were published in Generals, Dragons and Dice back in 1991 for FED RPG as we were putting together the game. This just adds some material to support the universe 1 that was in use by FED RPG at the time and helps build up released material around the original game which still remains the basic model for the modern FSpace.

The book uses the new template, and includes some revamped artwork. The original NZ map has been revamped into a color map, the Dexter picture has been redone by myself, a sketch for the original 95 rulebook painting by Aaron makes an appearance, and the cover is the colorised version of our illustration of a pair of d10 dice.

This is only a small product, but is a revamp of materials found on our CDs and puts a nice polish on it.

This also helps increase the number of products available for the upcoming sale at in early March.

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