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I have my own iPhone ebook application prototype running. That’s right I’ve got a simple engine working and Stephen’s Derelict Encounter is the first test case.

It is a very crude engine at present, doesn’t use PDF, so looks very different to our traditional books.

But the method used is far faster than using PDFs, and give me a lot of flexibility in terms of design and layout.

Anyway I’ve got quite a bit of work to do on this, and I’ll be focussing on this until I’ve cracked it to produce a workable ebook product.

The idea is to signup as a Apple iTunes App Store vendor and open up that channel as another option for us. By doing this it ensures customers can have a cheaper and more rewarding experience with our products on that platform rather than having to source a PDF ebook reader and cope with slow handling of larger PDF files.

The latest reports how that the iPhone is the largest ebook reader device in use today. But the problem is that the content isn’t current mainstream titles. Too many people are publishing texts from the public arena.

We have an opportunity to be a ‘current’ book publishing vendor in that space with our existing titles, and open up some opportunities for our other products currently not in print.

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