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For various reasons their are topics for books that are simply off limits, either because they are done, being worked on, we object to the content or simply we don’t own the rights.

Proposals regarding the topics below are subject to automatic rejection at this time.

If you decide to send us a query anyway, we’ll ignore it.

  • Fantasy/Magic. FSpaceRPG is a hard core science fiction role playing game. It does not include the use of magic or fantasy elements. Material of this nature should be directed towards TayanaRPG.
  • Hell. FSpace is a hard core science fiction role playing game. It does step into realms of the supernatural, except where we deliberately do so. Ths is at the sole discretion of the company. No proposals will be considered.
  • Revisions and new editions. At present we do not seek book revision work outside the company.
  • Babylon 5, Star Trek, Star Wars, or any other licensed media property. We are not in posession of any license to publish for existing science fiction, nor to conduct cross overs. Please avoid any direct or partial rip-offs from such material. It is plagiarism and will be rejected immediately.
  • Traveller - Although FSpace Publications has a license to publish some Traveller material, it does not have the rights to publish Traveller material as part of FSpaceRPG, nor to undertake crossover scenarios. Such ideas should remain in the arena of personal development and release, although we will accept it for submission to our website as a user community document.
  • Works in progress not listed on Wish List. We are constantly working on projects for new publications. If you do not see a title for a pending manuscript, or something on the Wish List, it’s a reasonable bet we aren’t working on it. This may open the opportunity to put forward a proposal, but it is no guarantee that we have been working on something in secret, or simply are not interested, or have the resources to pursue your project.
  • Tayana. Our internal staff have reserved the right to develop and publish any cross over publications with the Tayana gaming universe.
  • Sex and other related topics. Any material that deals with sex, pornography or other similar topics is out of bounds. Because our gaming consumers include pre-teens, such topics are not suitable, and are often regulated by censorship laws. Any such proposal will be ignored.
  • Complete manuscripts written for your gaming group, another company, etc. Because FSpaceRPG is an inhouse created universe and mechanics system, we like to have creartive input early on in the process to ensure the work being developed fits our criteria. We would like to avoid using material previously submitted to other firms for legal reasons. The resources required to evaluate a fully developed manuscript is expensive, and is often a waste of valuable resources. This doesn’t rule out the possibility of a new game product being presented to us. It’s just that for FspaceRPG it is generally out of the question. You must follow our submission process criteria.

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