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I’ve released a new product for FSpace.

It’s Pixel Art Character counters 1

Basically I’ve done tabletop characters like I did for Tayana, but this time using the sprites Aaron began work on for a computer game. Nice and easy product to put together. And it gives us a nice point of difference. Pixelart is a illustrated design form that came back in fashion for other media. So I thought let’s try it for RPG physical products and get some mileage out of that sprite work.

Also it starts off the range of counters and boards I’ll be doing for FSpace.

And this is very important ahead of releasing scenarios and other products that include small starship deckplans and the like. It means we’ll have a range of counter available to suit the use of those deckplans.

So cheers to Aaron, and we’ve gotten another product out the door for the month.

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