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FSpace Publications is always interested in reviewing the portfolio of artists looking for work.

At present we have a huge surplus of work with which we are looking for suitable artists to complete.

Artists may either choose to submit their own works for inclusion in a publication, or may be contracted to develop artwork.

General Guidelines

These guidelines represent our basic requirements for art submissions and contract art.

All submissions should include a typed cover letter and samples for our files as a permanent reference.

Black-and-white artwork should be submitted as clean photocopies, with your name and address on the back of each sheet.

We are looking for clear, bold, high-contrast pen-and-ink (or computer-generated) drawings, showing a thorough knowledge of perspective, anatomy, technology, shading and proportion. Shading should be done with solid blacks or Zip-a-Tone (or the equivalent) no halftones, please. The best guide for artwork style is our Concise Rulebook or Reference Manual if you can find a copy to inspect (we do not provide inspection copies free of charge).

We will accept slides, high-quality color laser copies, and color photographs for color submissions. Again, your name and address (if there is room) should be on each copy. We are looking for bright, high-energy color work that shows good composition, attention to detail, and knowledge of how a cover should be laid out.

Submissions should include representative samples of your work, regardless of style and/or subject matter, as our needs vary.

Contracted art must be consistent with the rules and text of the product. Therefore, we provide specific art guidelines for each project.

Our black-and-white art requires inked originals or high-quality photocopies for reproduction (i.e., scanning). We will accept computer (TIFF for pixelated and EPS for vectorised) files for computer-generated work. Contact the Art Director for more information.

Covers require either the original or a professionally-done transparency. We retain all originals after the product is published. The artist is advised to take copies of their works for their portfolio prior to it’s submission. Rejected and unpaid for artwork will only be returned at the expense of the artist.

We purchase all rights to the artwork we contract. We also purchase rights to existing artwork artists may have on offer. We tend to want full rights to ensure we have clear title to the work to ensure we can use it in various products, and can seek a return on our investment. We do not consider amateur, ‘fan’ art but if you think your work might be of professional quality, we’ll be happy to look it over.

If you want your submissions returned, then please provide a self-address, stamped envelope (SASE) suitable for postage from New Zealand to your country of origin (check www.nzpost.co.nz). If the return of any submitted samples is requested, the SASE must have sufficient postage and be of a sufficient size to handle that return. No materials will be returned without an SASE with sufficient postage attached.

Pay Scales

Our pay scale for book interior art is as follows:

  • For each illustration: $30.
  • All payments in New Zealand dollars.
  • The quality of the finished, may at our discretion entail a higher fee payable

Cover payment varies; contact the Art Director.

Art Specs

The artists are supplied with laid-out pages, showing the exact size and shape of the ‘art hole’ to be filled, as well as any specific illustration instructions. Not all art spaces are rectangular or square. We expect the artist to complete apiece that best fits the space (both size and dimensions) based on the brief.

Payment is based on a per piece basis not the size of the ‘art hole,’ or finished piece. The size of the finished piece is entirely up to the artist, allowing them to choose a size that best suits their style and the piece in question. Artists are encouraged to work proportionately larger than the designated area, though the Art Director should be contacted if the art is larger than A3 (420mm by 297mm).

Electronic Specs

We like to have art submitted electronically because it saves us time in scanning it. However, if you do send art through email or on portable storage media, please follow the guidelines below.

Send electronic submissions in grayscale for black and white illustrations, CYMK for color. Do not send files in bitmap. Crop any excess white space from the edges. The resolution image size should be 300 pixels per inch. Save each file in TIFF format, not EPS. If you have Photoshop, save the file for Macintosh with LZW compression. Always label assigned art with an abbreviation of the project name and the page number for which the art was assigned.

When sending by email an attachment, please select the enccoding type as AppleDouble or BinHex. do not use the MIME encoding format (this often causes problems when sent from certain Windows email clients).

If sending on a portable storage medium we accept CDROM, CDR, CDRW if the are ISO 9660 or Macintosh Formatted. If you are sending on ZIP 100, Floppy Disk or Syquest 44 please ensure the media is formatted as DOS or Macintosh.

These guidelines are for interior illustrations (for print production) only. Please contact the Art Director about sending color or card art electronically.

For art submissions and/or further information, write to:

FSpace Publications
30 Gardiner Grove
Lower Hutt 5014

You can also send email to Martin Rait

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