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I’ve released a booklet with full colour terrain counters, larger trees, A3 terrain basemaps, area of effect templates for explosions, and range difficulty strips all for FSpace.

They work equally as well for Tayana, and much of this material will be useful in a generic sense to other gamers.

This product has taken me a while to do since I’ve been using that old PC tablet to colorise the terrain over the last 1 1/2 months, along with using my old PPC Mac Mini for other stuff.

A bit of a mission, but done.

Expect some more FSpace counters soon. I want to get some soldiers and robot character counters out - as these are the kinds of ones needed for the scenarios when the decent board plans get released. Initially to be done in the classic aged and metallic look I’ve done for others. That and a few other mobipocket conversions should keep me busy for April while I struggle on with the tablet doing some more color work.

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