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As some of you will know I’m looking at alternatives to yet another OSX Server addition. My Tiger (10.4) has been going for years, but it’s day will be over soon when I shift to using my Intel Mac Mini and 10.5

I decided to look at handbuilding the required components, but before I did I looked at MAMP which is a prebuilt Apache, MySQL, PHP instance with a lot of other things added. Looked nice, especially the MAMP Pro edition with it’s relatively cheap $US 65 pricetag for their efforts.

However I managed to give it a really workout both as a replacement to a 10.5 Server which had directory damage to it’s installed web services, and as a test development server on my desktop for activities at Wellington City Council.

What I found was a rather low performance setup. It’s configuration has some real problems when passed some light load (a half dozen users+) and/or import/export of 50,000+ records in a zipped sql file.

I need to look at it’s underlying settings to see if it can be tweaked, but we’ll see.

In the meantime I’ve gotten hold of Server 10.5 from someone else and experimenting with it on my Mini using an external HD to assess it (and rip it’s setup apart) for future use.

10.6 Server will be out this year, and a new Intel Mac Mini will be out very soon, so it’s all worth staying put and seeing how things are going. My current Tiger Server Mac Mini seems to be doing the job nicely for now.

If anyone has suggestions in the world of AMP based services, let me know.

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