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Onebookshelf has yet again failed to include us in another promotional opportunity.

At present, a sale is on for the release of the latest Street Fighter movie, and I asked them to include the Martial Arts supplement in it, but they’ve failed to include it.

I’m waiting on an explanation, and am also asking them to confirm they are including my request to be part of the GMs Day sale that starts in a few days and which I’ve been rushing a few new products towards completion for.

Their exclusion of us from the Xmas Wishlist promotion badly hurt our sales and exposure earlier on, and with their data crash and loss of all sales data for a partial month last year, OBS has continued to show things a slipping between the cracks. When they are 80% of the ebook rpg market or 8% of the total market for rpgs, this is a big worry for us moving forward.

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