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January was not a good month for us. I didn’t release lots of goodies like I did over the same period last year. And the summer promotion on OBS didn’t have a huge effect, selling only 1 Concise Rulebook and 2 Reference Manuals - contributing to most of the revenue for the month.

The monthly take was only US$25.21

The freebies continued to move at a steady, but somewhat declined pace.

A smattering of sales in products like Equipment, Robots and Netrules contributed some sales. And the boardgame pieces, including the new Tayana one all made sales.

For Feb onwards:
Trademe has yielded some sales in the last week, which breaks a quiet period through that service. While it’s physical stock, we are shifting our old material at a loss.

I’ve concluded a deal with NobleKnight about what physical stock they’ll take - basically all remaining game and book packs. The CDs didn’t make the cut unfortunately. Now I just need to raise the freight money to send it to them.

At the end of the month is a movie promo on OBS for the release of Street Fighter. I’ve put the Martial Arts book forward for that promo.

And yesterday I released a second TayanaRPG product. Yet again another counter pack, this time including some A3 basemaps. Some of the material I’m working on with this is applicable to FSpace so at some point this year you’ll see some FSpace counter packs.

I’ve been rather busy with some other things lately, so FSpace hasn’t gotten the attention I wanted to devote to it, but I think the 2 Tayana products are worth having in the offering alongside our other products.

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