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Status: Official

Work is tightening the screws on things.

I am no longer allowed to use the work laptop which replaced my personal one for personal business use.

So I’m up shit creek right now and things will be somewhat slow for a while.

Shame I sold that black laptop of mine. It has come at a really bad time because it also precludes me from doing an ongoing significant freelance offer from a major design firm that just came in.

I’ll be finishing off the Rough Rider product, and spending the weekend clearing off the laptop so it can be reformatted and reinstalled to Council base - rather than the built up clone it is of my old personal one.

I did expect to loose this resource when my job at Council comes to an end, but to have this happen beforehand has caught me offguard and will make it hard to build up activity to give some kind of income once I loose my job here.

So for now I’ll be using my old Mac Mini to do what work I can for now.

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