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Only a short time remains before November closes out in the US, but since I’m departing from home to stay in town overnight before flying out to OZ, I thought I better do my November report.

November has an improvement for us. It started slowly, but has picked up near the end.

Revenue has been US$31.75

We’ve shipped 114 products with the following freebies 13x Dice usage, 31x Uni 3 Cartography, 6x Character sheet and 20xMac d10 dice roller (something added to onebookshelf but has been on our site for months).

New product releases haven’t done too well typically only 1-3 copies of each during the release during the month.

I can say it’s not us that is performing badly, but the industry as a whole.

This can be seen in the site wide banner advertising I’ve been doing (Stotatl and the Martial promo). The exposure rates per day are lower than at peak times. OBS do mention credit crunch affecting consumer spending.

Also the 4th Ed releases for D&D might be impacting on us as well, as buyers spend money on those.

They also stopped our promo and even ignored my reply to their call for Xmas offerings - which we have one running now.

I think it’s just a number of factors.

We have 2043 customers for emailing purposes via the service now, so have done a mailout about the Xmas bundle and all our major recent new releases hoping December will do better. I’m also running banner campaigns on 2 of their websites.

I’m tempted to try a front page feature, but it will take half the remaining promo points we have.

I might try this mid December when I get back from OZ.

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