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During Easter I was talking to Kim Styles about our results for the financial year. He was pleased to hear the results and reminded me of a ‘told you so’ comment he made some time back.

He expected that RPGs would see an upswing in sales during a recession.

The reason being that people wouldn’t spend on more expensive luxuries like computers, cars or holidays. Instead that’d be spending money on cheaper entertainment, particularly those with some lasting qualities for future use. Therefore he predicted RPGs would do well.

OBS did report that 2008 was a significant year. From their 14 January newsletter:

RPGNow and DriveThruRPG enjoyed significant growth in 2008, continuing a steady upward trend and generally going against the grain where the rest of the economy seems to be concerned. We are all pretty thrilled with that, but we will not rest on our laurels, instead seeking even greater growth in 2009.

So Kim’s oracular prediction was right.

And I think another reason why OBS has done well, along with us as a result is that ebooks are cheaper than physical books, lending themselves to not impact the wallet as much. And remember the RPG market is 10% ebooks while traditional publishing is about 1-2% ebooks.

As 2009 progresses it will be interesting to see how we go. Our success is based off front page exposure on the OBS network and I’ll continue to get something released every 1-2 weeks if possible to capture as much business as we can.

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